Digital Construction embraces BIM, GIS, Big Data and other evolving technological advancements. Technology has transformed the world we live in and has potential to revolutionize the construction industry. This category rewards organizations, projects or initiatives that have adopted, advanced, and achieved excellence in Digital Construction.

Judges will be looking for examples of how the adoption of collaborative digital processes has dramatically improved the planning, design, fabrication, construction and/operation of built facilities or infrastructure.

Our winner will likely to display some of the following:

  1. Integrated and collaborative teams, with early engagement of the supply chain.
  2. Sharing of information through common data environments and system integration.
  3. Innovative new tools, methods and processes that capture, manipulate and exploit data across the entire project team and through design and construction phases into the in-use operational phase.
  4. Evidence of improved performance and better outcomes compared to traditional methods through submission of objective measurement data.
  5.  Demonstrable benefits to stakeholders over the life cycle of the asset.