Project of the Year

The winner is likely to be an outstanding local project or a high-profile landmark, but whatever it is all parties will be proud of and inspired by it, the designers, constructors and clients.

Our winner will likely to display some of the following:

  1. Demonstrates great team working between the client and entire supply chain; employing collaborative working tools.
  2. That was delivered before the programmed completion date, below the approved cost plan and to quality exceeding expectation whilst delivering the highest of health and safety standards.
  3. Achieved the lowest environmental impacts.
  4. Must have received accolades of customer’s delight and may have also received these from other stakeholders.
  5. Is able to demonstrate the highest levels of application of best practice, innovation and technical achievement to overcome the project’s unique challenges.

The required documents are: 

1- Commercial Register Certificate 

2- GOSI Certificate 

3- VAT Certificate 

4- Certificates that would support your application (if available)

5- Images to support your application (if available)



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