About Contracting Excellence
The Contracting Excellence Awards is one of the Saudi Contractors authority initiatives to recognize the best example of the local contracting industry innovation, best practice and excellence. to stimulate, debate and drive much-needed change in the Construction sector.
Benefits of participation
Increase your credibility
An award wins or shortlist will increase your credibility and elevate you as an expert within your industry, differentiating you from your competitors.
Proudly, tell about your success story
Everyone has a journey to tell, and we want to hear about yours. Attending our ceremony is the place for you to proudly share your journey to success and inspire others.
Brand exposure
Becoming shortlisted and attending the ceremony will improve your brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Your brand will also be exposed before and after the ceremony, across a range of different marketing channels and collateral.
Employee motivation
Achieving an award will recognize the hard work and achievements of your employees and will boost staff morale and motivation within your organization. Not only is the ceremony a great work occasion, but celebrating an achievement together results in a huge sense of pride throughout the business.
Access to networking
Whether you are shortlisted or not, attending the awards ceremony will allow you to network with KSA’s top organizations whether contractors, investors, governmental & private project owners, forge new relationships, and offers you the chance to discuss your business with leaders in the industry.
Awards categories
those Awards aim to encourage the contractors to utilize SCA services, which target to organiz and develop contracting sector
SCA Services Awards
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